Hi!  Welcome to my portfolio


Down below are a few of my school & internship projects, which include
websites, designs, branding and more .

A poster for the barbershop Gents & Crooks. During my first internship.

The final assignment for the Graphic User Interface course. I redesigned two screens of a smart fridge interface.

A logo design for Zein's Barbershop.

A business card design for Mooii by Angelique.

A logo design I made during my first internship.

My final assignment for the Illustrator course. A poster for a tuktuk race.

This is the website of Dierenkliniek Othene by 3Dynamisch. I photoshopped it on a screen, to display on their website.

Other Works

Down below are a few of my drawings, photoshop and illustrator works, etc. These aren't for school. I made these in my spare time.

Something random i made with photoshop, inspired by plague doctors

My mother wanted me to make a christmas card with our dog on it.

Four drawings in one day. That's never happened before.

A photoshop artwork from Filthy Frank aka Joji.

A random man a drew. Can't remember if i used a reference and if it's supposed to be someone.

This is one of the first things i made with photoshop. It is Game of Thrones inspired.

About Me

My name is Jasmijn. I’m seventeen and from The Netherlands. Currently studying level 4 application and media development at Scalda Terneuzen. I like designing, making websites, art, messing around with photoshop & Illustrator, and listening to music.


You can contact me by email, instagram, and facebook
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